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'Initiative for Scholarships in Anthroposophical Medicine'
c/o Philipp Busche
Gymnasiumstr. 34
70794 Filderstadt

GLS Bank
BLZ 430 609 67
Konto-Nr. 7009 149 700
IBAN DE71 4306 0967 7009 1497 00

You would like to support students on their way to become an anthroposophic doctor? There are lots of possibilities. Choose one of them.

  • Common donation: You can transfer donations to our bank account at the GLS-bank. Around 99% of the donations are used for the support through scholarships. 1% enables us to hold up our activities. Of course you will immediately get a receipt for your donation.
  • Earmarked donations: If you wish to enable a student participation e.g. for a certain seminar (like the medical Seminar Bad Boll, EKA, the introduction week to anthroposophic medicine of the GAÄD) with your donation just remark the reason for payment on the bank transfer. A short notice with your intention send by e-mail or by post will be usefull. If you wish we send a round mail (Jungmediziner) to the student body in which we advertise the possibility of a supported participation in the actual seminar.
  • Godparenthood: for personal support we offer to arrange godparenthoods for students of medicine to support their individual path of development in anthroposophic medicine (see godparenthood).
  • International support: With the predicate “international support” your donation serves the education in anthroposophic medicine all around the world, wherever it is needed most. The “international support” we permit to students together with the “international Jungmedizinerforum” of the medical section of the goetheanum.