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'Initiative for Scholarships in Anthroposophical Medicine'
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Individual support and project-promotion 

Both may be applied for and guaranteed flexibly, versatile and immediate. 

  • The maximum individual support is limited to 300€ (standard rate) In case of further need it is possible to apply for a scholarship thereafter. 
  • Project-promotion is limited to 500€ (standard rate). It is possible to apply repeatedly. 

1. Procedure: 

After the arrival of the complete application the board of direction will give a statement to it. 

2. Application: 

The application must be send both by e-mail and post. It must contain the following documents: 

  • Application paper: This should point out the intention and the amount of money needed for support. 
  • Detailed curriculum vitae 
  • Portray of the actual need 
  • Address 
  • Complete bank account address 
  • Current matriculation proof (or comparable document  of studies) 

3. Possibilities of support: 

  • Costs for participation in conferences, seminars, courses in Anthroposophy (study of man)/anthroposophic medicine. 
  • Transport charges 
  • Everything that can help to facilitate the study of anthroposophic medicine 

4. Final report: 

The result of the supported intention must be put down in form of a report. This should be of such a quality that it can be published (for our investors). The report should consist of 1,5-2 pages DIN A4 and give insight to experiences, doubts, questions and personal discoveries of the participant. A repetition of the mere order of the events is not desired.