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'Initiative for Scholarships in Anthroposophical Medicine'
c/o Philipp Busche
Gymnasiumstr. 34
70794 Filderstadt

GLS Bank
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General orientation

The actual activity of the initiative consists in the support of students of human medicine and dentistry in their education in anthroposophic medicine and its scientific foundations. The aim is to support knowledge acquisition and the development of individual abilities. The initiative intends to facilitate the study of anthroposophical medicine or create suitable conditions for it, and to accompany the path of development of the student individually through personal mentorship. 

A financial support of the studies the initiative considers to be sensible only if the student strives for an inner development in the course of the study. 

Anthroposophy can help to extend the boarders of a mere natural scientific approach of modern medicine through spiritual science. It is the inner intention of the initiative to facilitate the step to medicine extended through Anthroposophy (anthroposophical medicine) and by means of this help to let medicine become a growingly human art of healing.