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„Lili Kolisko – Research-stipend“

02.09.1889 (Vienna) – 20.11.1976 (Gloucester). 

Lili Kolisko founded the experimental natural-scientific research in the field of anthroposophic medicine. Her most important assignment Rudolf Steiner, who worked together with her, gave the title “Physiological and physical verification of the effectiveness of minimal  entities" (1923). (1) 

In this paper she proved that decimal-potencies of metal salts produced by Hahnemann´s method are effective beyond the Avogadro-constant, and that this effectiveness shows, in the process of continuous dilution, successively several maxima and minima, that is a kind of rhythm. 

“Miss Kolisko had realized the instructions I gave in this direction with maximum conscientiousness through a long period of time… and we succeded to split the mere material in such a way, that the real spiritual comes to light in mere matter.” (2) 


1) Lili Kolisko Physiological and physical verification of the  effectiveness of minimal entities (1923). Reprint with  a biography and an overview over potentising- research 1923-1995 by Friedwart Husemann,  Dornach 1997. 

2) R. Steiner Initiation knowledge; lecture from 30.08.1923, GA  227 Dornach 1982, p. 240. 

„Lili Kolisko – research stipend“ 

1. Procedure: 

After the arrival of the complete application the board of direction will give a statement to it. For this purpose the candidate gets an invitation for a personal conversation. After admission the stipend is valid until the end of the study of medicine (acquisition of the license to practice medicine). 

2. Application: 

The application must contain following documents: 

  • Application paper: This should point out the intention and the amount of money needed for support. 
  • Detailed curriculum vitae 
  • Portray of the actual need 
  • Current photography 
  • Address 
  • Complete bank account address 
  • Current matriculation proof (or comparable document  of studies) 

3. Possibilities of support: 

The candidate for a stipend of the “Lili Kolisko – research stipend” can make following applications: 

  • Application for writing a dissertation or another scientific paper. In this case both fundamental research and continuative research will be supported. This includes support service and happens in close cooperation with the scientific institutions of the anthroposophic medicine (Gerhard Kienle Lehrstuhl für Medizintheorie, Integrative und Anthroposophische Medizin Uni Witten/Herdecke, Carus Institut and other). 
  • Application for participation on scientific conferences, congresses and seminars 
  • Applications for everything serving the elaboration of the anthroposophic medicine and it´s scientific foundations 
  • Application for transport costs 

4. Final report: 

A copy of the results of the scientific research-project will be handed out to the initiative. The results of other supported intentions can be published e.g. in a scientific journal or be integrated in a conference to a corresponding theme, as will be individually discussed. In any case it has to be put down in a report as such, so that it can be handed out for review to our investors. 

5. Social network: 

For support of the social network the initiative gives all grantees the possibility to participate in the annual conference of the medical section and the Easter-conference of the GAÄD for free. 

6. Mentor: 

For the whole time of the stipend the initiative will arrange personal accompany by a mentor for the grantees. This arrangement will consider likes and questions of the grantee. 

7. Financial framework conditions: 

Applications can be made unto an amount of 1000 Euro per year of studies (6000 Euro per grantee). This amount is just the standard rate. Applications will be proved and decided on individually. To support personal responsibility 20% of the amount granted in the stipend must be refunded after commencement of employment. There will be a contract between the association and the grantees with this very content. Modalities of the refundment will be arranged at the beginning of the commencement of employment according to the individual possibilities.