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'Initiative for Scholarships in Anthroposophical Medicine'
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Every path is easier to take if somebody is there who took it before. Therefore we will accompany our grantee with a mentor. 

As soon as a stipend is guaranteed we start to look for a suitable mentor for our grantee. For this purpose we ask for wishes, likes, questions to anthroposophic medicine, questions to the choice of career or questions regarding the orthodox medicine training, and for main interests of the person. If we know somebody who could suit this we will ask him. If our colleague can imagine being a mentor we will send his contact information to the grantee to arrange a meeting. In case the grantee and the proposed mentor do not fit together we will look for somebody else. Apart from that the contact between mentor and the grantee may develop in a free way, according to the mutual needs and possibilities. In case we do not know or find anybody in the environment of the grantee that suits the needs of the grantee we will hand over the request to the GAÄD and the medical section at the Goetheanum. 

It is possible for every colleague to be part of the list of the mentors. We also offer to arrange contact with mentors independent of the stipend or a granted support.